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Commissioner Dr Elasto Hilarious Mugwadi is the Chairperson of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC).

He was sworn into office in 2010 with the first group of Commissioners and became the Chairperson of the Commission in 2014.

Commissioner Dr .E.H. Mugwadi holds a Bachelor of Administration (Hons) degree from the University of Rhodesia and a Master of Science degree (MSc) in International Relations. He also holds a Diploma in Development Studies from the University of Oslo, an Intermediate Degree in Law from UNISA, LLB (UNISA) and LLM (UNISA).

Commissioner Dr. E.H. Mugwadi is a former Chief Immigration Officer of Zimbabwe having worked at the institution for 23 years. He is also a legal practitioner at Mugwadi and Associates since 2007.

He is a successful commercial farmer.



Commissioner Dr Elasto Hilarious Mugwadi