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The Zimbabwean Association of Female Photographers (ZAFP) and Her Zimbabwe will on April 10 launch a collaborative postcard exhibition entitled Survivors and Activists Part 1, at the Hypercube Hub in Belgravia, Harare.

By Tinashe Sibanda

The exhibition will be the first part of a long-term project that ZAFP and partners have been working on since November last year, whichwill show a human rights project funded by the Human Rights Fund from Hivos and the Royal Netherlands Embassy.

“It is an exhibition that talks about human rights activists and the work that they do, as well as the survivors of human rights violations,” ZAPF vice-president, Angela Jimu said.

She said this involved five thematic areas mamely, women’s rights, children’s rights, environmental rights, freedom of expression and equality and non-discrimination.

The collaborative works depicting the various themes will be contributed by photojournalists Annie Mpalume, Cynthia Matonhodze, Kresiah Mukwazhi, Steven Chikosi, Mana Meadows, Yvonne Pinkas, Henry Hakulandaba, Davina Jogi, Tsitsi Ndabambi, Khumbulai Mpofu and Angela Jimu.

“Most of the work is documentary, but we also have artsy kinds of pictures that depict different situations. Most of these photographers are already working in documentary photography and a few others are into art photography,” added Jimu.

She said they hoped that the images would stimulate debate on the provisions of the new Constitution and rights enshrined in the named areas.

Jimu added that the images would also question the guaranteed rights in the new Constitution and whether those rights are being protected, as well as conscientising people on the hard work that human rights defenders are doing to help protect the vulnerable.

“There will be about 50 different postcards for the five themes we are working on and each postcard will have information about human rights – what they are and what is guaranteed in the new Constitution,” she said.


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Survivors, Activists Show on Human Rights on the Cards