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All protocols observed

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen

It gives me great pleasure to receive and convey my gratitude for the donation of two vehicles, a Toyota Prado and a Toyota Hilux as well as computer equipment in the form of laptops, printers, photocopiers and other consumables from our partners, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

On behalf of the Commissioners and the Secretariat of the ZHRC, I would like to thank the UNDP for such a noble gesture. It is indeed, greatly appreciated.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am confident this donation will go a long way in enhancing the work of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC). This donation will go a long way in strengthening the Commission’s partnership with the UNDP.

UNDP has been supporting the Commission from its inception. Most of the work that the Commission has carried out so far, has been made possible through the support that was provided by the UNDP.

UNDP has provided technical, advisory and financial support to the ZHRC. Advisory and technical support that was given to the Commission through the project management team was instrumental in enabling the Commission to prepare to operate fully.

As you are aware, the ZHRC is a new National Human Rights Institution in the country which was established by Section 242 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe. The Commission has been faced with a number of challenges at its inception which included lack of adequate resources to use in its operations. The assistance and partnerships with organisations like the UNDP is making a big difference in addressing these constraints and equipping the Commission to deliver on its mandate.

Ladies and gentlemen, with that background in mind, please allow me to accept the donation from the UNDP with a deep sense of gratitude and renewed hope for a better and brighter future as the Commission endeavors to protect, promote and enforce human rights.

I thank you

Acceptance Speech on the Occasion Of the UNDP/ZHRC Handover Ceremony by the Chairperson of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission – Commissioner Elasto Hilarious Mugwadi