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Our Work

The Programmes department is at the core of the delivery of the Commission’s mandate. This is the department that deals directly with clients of the ZHRC and is geared to ensure that all the functions of the Commission, as detailed in section 243 of the Zimbabwean Constitution, are implemented and managed effectively to the satisfaction of all relevant stakeholders.  There are three units that fall under Programmes. These are:-

Complaints Handling and Investigations Unit

The complaints handling and investigations unit is responsible for receiving all complaints that come to the Commission. It is also responsible for making investigations into the reported cases. The Commission deals with complaints of abuses and .........

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Education, Promotion and Research Unit

The Education, Promotion and Research unit is responsible for educating people on human rights issues through various media channels, conducting community outreach programmes, seminars and training workshops. The Unit is also responsible........

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Monitoring and Inspection Unit

The Monitoring and Inspections Unit was established in order to fulfil the provisions of section 243(k) of the Constitution. The unit is responsible for visiting and inspecting prisons, places of detention, refugee camps and related facilities. It is also ........

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The ZHRC was created by section 242 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe as amplified by the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission Act, Chapter 10:30 (2/2012)

A national human rights institution established under section 242 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, whose main mandate is to Protect, Promote and Enforce human rights.

Elections in Zimbabwe

Elections in Zimbabwe take place every five years. They are harmonized and therefore citizens vote for the President, Councilors, and Members of Parliament at the same time. Chapter 7 (sections 155 to 161) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe outlines the systems and processes which must be followed when conducting elections in Zimbabwe. Section 155 states the principles which provide for democratic, free, fair and credible elections."The Constitution states that elections must be peaceful, free and fair, conducted by secret ballot, with all adults having the right to vote and free from violence and other malpractices."

The Constitution binds the government to ensure certain principles are effected in particular that:

  • all eligible citizens are registered as voters;
  • all citizens eligible to vote, including those with disabilities and special needs, have the opportunity to cast a vote;
  • all contesting political parties and candidates have reasonable access to material and information necessary for effective participation;
  • political parties and candidates have fair and equal access to the media, both private and public; and
  • electoral disputes are timely resolved.

ZHRC in Pictures

Lodge a Complaint

Anyone who is concerned about a human rights violation or abuse of power or maladministration by the State and public institutions and by officers of those institutions can file a complaint.

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