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Commissioner Petunia Chiriseri is a DBL (Doctorate in Business Leadership) student with the University of South Africa. She holds a Masters in Business Leadership from the same university and a Bachelor of Science in Botany and Zoology as well as the Graduate Certificate in Education from the University of Zimbabwe, among various other qualifications.

Currently, she is a Chaplain of the City of Harare, since 2010. Commissioner Chiriseri has over 30 years Teaching and Christian Leadership experience and is the Founder and Director of Legacy International School, a multicultural, co-educational Christian private school in Greystone Park, Borrowdale which offers an enriched and extended Grades 0 to 7 curriculum, taught by qualified and highly experienced teachers like Mrs Katie Greener, the former deputy head of a local private school.

Commissioner Chiriseri has been involved in a series of advocacy activities as the Founder of Christian Mothers’ Voice, a nationwide grassroots movement formed to create constitutional awareness and the inclusion of Women’s Voice in Africa. Her research work, civic education and political activism through Radio, TV, Newspapers and other platforms made contributions towards a people driven constitution, and to COPAC during the Constitution Making Process in Zimbabwe. As Co-Founder of Concerned Christian Leaders Network, which lead The Hunhu/Ubuntu campaign, her group passionately lobbied the church, political leaders and legislators in 2010 – 2013, before the referendum, to preserve the values that bind us as a nation.

Commissioner Petunia Chiriseri is the Co-Founder and Senior Pastor of His Presence Ministries International, Founder and President of The Shekinah Woman Ministry. She is the Co-Author of the 12 Foundations of Marriage, a diagnostic tool for solving marital and family problems which has given birth to many happy families. She herself is happily married to Apostle Charles Chiriseri, the Founder of His Presence Ministries International, and is a mother of four wonderful biological and four foster children.

The Commissioner is also a Corporate Training Consultant in Transformational Personal, Family Life and Business Development and an International Motivational Speaker.

Petunia S. Chiriseri