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Complaints Handling and Investigations

The complaints handling and investigations unit is responsible for receiving all complaints that come to the Commission. It is also responsible for making investigations into the reported cases. The Commission deals with complaints of abuses and violations of rights and freedoms that are enshrined in the Constitution of Zimbabwe and in any international human rights agreements that the country has agreed to sign and any complaints arising from abuse of power or maladministration by the State and public institutions and by officers of those institutions... More


Education, Promotion and Research

The Education, Promotion and Research unit is responsible for educating people on human rights issues through various media channels, conducting community outreach programmes, seminars and training workshops.
The Unit is also responsible for developing Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials for use by the Commission in order to promote awareness of, and respect of all human rights and freedoms...  More


Monitoring and Inspections

The Monitoring and Inspections Unit was established in order to fulfill the provisions of section 243(k) of the Constitution. The unit is responsible for visiting and inspecting prisons, places of detention, refugee camps and related facilities. It is also responsible for visiting and inspecting places where mentally disordered or intellectually handicapped persons are detained. The purpose of such visits and inspections will be to ascertain the conditions under which these various groups of people live under, and to make recommendations ... More

Reporting human rights complaints

Anyone who is concerned about a human rights violation or abuse of power or maladministration by the State and public institutions and by officers of those institutions can file a complaint.

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